Philipsburg owner/artist

Hether Kaczorowski is the owner of the Bluebird and Fox salon and boutique, located at 5 N. Front St. Her artwork, such as the one pictured above, are scattered throughout the space.

PHILIPSBURG — Hether Kaczorowski sought to create a unique, artistic atmosphere with the opening of her new business in Philipsburg.

Paintings and various pieces of art fill the Bluebird and Fox salon and boutique, located at 5 N. Front St. The business provides haircuts and coloring along with handmade items for sale.

Starting all the way back in elementary school, art provided an outlet for Kaczorowski. She gained confidence over the years, and now pieces of her work hang in the salon.

“It’s a way to express myself, but it’s also a way for me to work,” Kaczorowski said.

Kaczorowski grew up in Virginia Beach, Va.. She and her husband lived in Baltimore, Md. before hearing the call of the country. Escaping the city, Kaczorowski moved to Philipsburg, a spot where she has family, with two children.

“We just wanted our kids to be able to be kids,” Kaczorowski said. “I wanted to be able to tell them they can go outside and not have to wait for me.”

During the pandemic, Kaczorowski had plenty of time to think about opening her own business. Many people go into the beauty industry anticipating being their own boss someday.

“It was kind of something I thought about for a while,” Kaczorowski stated.

Kaczorowski has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years, beginning in cosmetics. Within the industry, she found a community. “I never really realized how much it was my people,” she said.

Cutting and coloring hair allows Kaczorowski to continue expression through art. Unique hair coloring requests, such as rainbow, make for fun appointments.

“You get to use your creativity and artistic ability in the placements and color choices,” Kaczorowski stated.

Customer service is critical for any business, she stated. After working at Nordstrom for over 10 years along with other salons, Kaczorowski learned the value of prioritizing service above all else.

“You take your time with your people. You give them an experience,” said Kaczorowski. “They’re not supposed to be a number.”

While some may seek a quick appointment, others may want to relax, simply enjoying the event. Kaczorowski intends to emphasize customer service at her business.

Kaczorowski hopes the salon provides a unique atmosphere for Philipsburg. Along with her own art is that of her child’s. She has also ordered items from a wholesaler for sale.

“It was a quick way to fill some space in here, but I do have some people that are going to be bringing me some handmade things,” Kaczorowski said, adding these items may include knit hats, mediation materials and jewelry.

People seeking an appointment can call or text 814-553-7619. Kaczorowski finds this is the best way to ensure customers set up an appointment for the service they desire. People can also send a message through Facebook using the business’s page, the Bluebird and Fox salon and boutique.

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