A part of 102 W. Presqueisle St. was recently demolished, reported Kate Olsen at a Philipsburg Borough meeting. The property has been the focus of discussions in the past due to its appearance.

PHILIPSBURG — Those traveling around West Presqueisle Street may notice the rubbled remains of a section of 102 W. Presqueisle St.

The building owner, Kate Olsen, noted about a third of the building was demolished during her monthly report to Philipsburg Borough Council. The recent action offers a clearer picture of the building’s future.

“The picture of the drawing that we created didn’t necessarily do a good job of communicating what we were taking out versus what we were keeping,” Olsen said. “It’s very evident now.”

The demolished section will be rebuilt into something new, according to Olsen. She noted the destructive portion of a project is always thrilling.

“It’s very exciting to see that corner come off,” Olsen said.

Salvage is the next step, according to Olsen. There is a decent heap of metal and bricks for salvaging efforts.

“When they demo, they salvaged what they could, which was more than we had hoped for,” Olsen stated. “Now we have to salvage the bricks and clean that up.”

Borough Manager Joel Watson, who watched the brick removal process, was impressed with the demo crew. Olsen reported the task was done by Wilson Excavating.

The building has been of issue in the past. David Mason, on behalf of Lee Industries, asked borough council to enforce an ordinance regarding dangerous buildings at a meeting in June. The problem primarily hinges on the building’s appearance to company visitors.

Olsen has been coming to council meetings and giving a progress report for the past few months regarding the property.

Although there is no set date for the mason to start, Philipsburg Borough representatives appeared pleased with the recent progress.

“You’re moving on,” Mayor John Streno said.

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