MORRISDALE — On ongoing issue for Morris Township’s code enforcement officer was again a topic of discussion at Wednesday’s supervisor’s meeting.

Two residents complained again about the behavior of a tenant on a property on Wallaceton Road near their home. They said they have made multiple complaints to the township’s code enforcement officer and the state police about the person’s behavior. They said the tenant runs his truck all night long and revs its engine periodically throughout the night. There have also been instances of fighting, they said. “We can’t sleep and our child is afraid,” the residents said.

The couple said they have contacted the state police only to be told that officers can’t enforce the township’s ordinances.

Solicitor Dan Nelson said, “Clearly this person is trying to harass you. The township does not have arrest powers, it is only able to issue citations.” He suggested the supervisors contact the police again and note the severity of the tenant’s behavior.

“You need to visit the police barracks and make a serious attempt to have this person criminally charged.”

Supervisor Josiah Jones who is currently serving as the township’s part-time temporary code enforcement officer, said he has visited the property and issued both verbal and written warnings to the tenant, telling him his behavior is in violation of the township’s codes.

He said he has not cited the tenant because his landlord has a filed a complaint with the district magisterial court. The case is currently proceeding through the process where the tenant will eventually be evicted. Jones said the process takes time, but the tenant should be out by the end of October.

“This is in the hands of the district magistrate. He is aware of the situation.”

Jones said if he files a complaint against the tenant noting violation of the township’s ordinances with the district magisterial court, a hearing would not be able to be scheduled until November.

“Things are in motion here. I think (filing a complaint) would be a waste of time because he is going to be out by the end of October,” Jones said.

Supervisor James Williams and John Saggese approved sending the tenant a citation. “At least he’ll know we’re not playing games here,” Williams said.

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