PHILIPSBURG — The Friends of the Holt Memorial Library, searching for an identifiable visible symbol for their organization, are calling on local artists to design a logo.

The non-profit organization currently lacks an official logo, according to President Andrew R. Pletcher.

“We want to start getting the Friends’ name out there, and a good logo allows us to be easily recognized, even if only seen briefly,” he said.

The contest is open to all ages. There are no requirements or preconceived notions for the logo.

“We kept it open as to not hinder any creativity,” Pletcher stated. “We are curious what people come up with.”

Crayons, oil pastels, spray paint — artists are only limited by the requirement of the piece to be scannable. The maximum allowable paper size is 36 by 60 inches. The organization’s name can take on various forms, such as “Friends,” “Friends of the Library” and more.

Artists can submit as many entries as they desire. Entries should be submitted at the Holt Memorial Library. The artwork must be printed and no contact info should be marked on the piece. However, a name and contact information will be requested upon entry.

Entries will be accepted until Sept. 30, prior to the library’s close. The contest winner will receive a $20 gift card to the Painting Broad, located on North Front Street.

The friends are excited to see what the community comes up with. Pletcher noted, “This is one of those cases where we don’t want someone to give us what we are looking for, we want someone to show us what we should be looking for.”

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