Boggs Township Building

Supervisors are exploring options to improve the Boggs Township municipal building.

WEST DECATUR — In exploration of potential options for improvement, Boggs Township recently had Pennsafe Building Inspection Services LLC evaluate the municipal building, located at 150 Blue Ball Rd.

“We asked them to take a look because we’re planning to maybe make some improvements to the building itself,” said Supervisor Joe Lonjin.

There is a need for another bay, according to Lonjin. Although there was an opportunity to open up a back section and install another door, the building’s structure makes this difficult.

“It’s actually timber construction, kind of like an old barn,” Lonjin stated. “We were concerned about structural support, because we have to do different repairs with tractors and things with the trucks in it.”

He noted that the area is also not insulated as it should be.

Before devoting money to upgrades, supervisors needed to know what could be done with the building. Sections of the evaluation were read during a township meeting Monday night.

“It is my opinion that any remodeling or updating would not be cost effective based on the age and condition of the building,” the report stated.

Based on the report, Lonjin gave his opinion for potential options.

“I think the options moving forward would likely be we’re either going to have to do significant structural repairs or we may have to look at erecting a new garage facility,” he stated.

The evaluation is a part of the town’s push for a long-term plan. As the township adds more staff, such as the code enforcement officer, the office space changes. Lonjin noted that space in the building is somewhat limited. The township also wants to know how long the building will last.

“We’re going to continue pursuing this and see if we can find somebody to do a formal evaluation to let us know if we should improve the structure or what our future planning should be,” Lonjin stated.

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