Can we talk about how the law concerning abortion should work, without getting into whether abortion itself is acceptable or not?

As you know, I’m an educator. My dad, sister, and brother are educators, so you might call it the family business. My grandfathers both instilled the importance of education in me. You might argue that I have a vested interest in the improvement of education in American, and you would be right.

An end of an era took place at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh Monday night as Ben Roethlisberger “likely” had his final home game of his career. And I use that “likely” in quotes because it technically hasn’t been confirmed. But come on, if you saw the tears and the emotion from Ben and his famil…

I took some time to reread my column last year about the attempted coup on January 6, and I realized something important.

Congratulations to all of you that have made your fantasy football finals this week. It’s been a 16-week journey up until this point. Now, for those unfamiliar with how fantasy football works, you may be wondering, “well, there’s two weeks left in the regular season.”