Lawrence Township Planning Commission recommended approval of a new addition on the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers building, at Tuesday night’s planning commission meeting.

The new addition will be placed behind the IBEW building on Leonard Street where a parking lot is currently located, according to Mark Haefner of Stahl Sheaffer Engineering of Clearfield.

The new addition is projected to be about 6,500 square feet and it will be used for training. The new addition will include classrooms and a pass-through garage/storage area for equipment. About 45 people will be using the building at any one time, Haefner said.

Because they are displacing parking, they are constructing a new 9,000 square foot parking lot that would have a storm water retention pond, Haefner said.

The maximum depth of the storm water retention pond will be 18 inches during a 100-year storm, Haefner said. The storm water plans will be submitted to the Clearfield County Conservation District for approval, Haefner said.

The planning commission voted 3-0 to recommend approval of the new addition contingent on the township receiving all of the required paperwork and signatures.

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