DuBOIS — Infuzed IV Bar, a new DuBois business offering several health benefits through vitamin-drip treatments, will officially open at 339 Midway Dr. on Wednesday.

Owner Toni Sweeney, a certified health and wellness coach, also runs TS Transformations LLC, a health, fitness and weight loss company, and has been designing health and weight loss supplements for 10 years.

Calling it a “medical spa,” Sweeney, who was a nurse for 23 years, said there are drips or injections for just about everyone, including those looking to boost their immunity during cold and flu season, recovering athletes and just the average person looking for a better “overall feeling of wellness.”

“Infuzed IV hydration” provides “specially-tailored combinations of essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants,” according to www.infuzedivbar.com. The fluids, administering essential hydration and vitamins into the body instantly, can offer health benefits like cushioning of the joints, and improving/boosting endurance, mood, energy levels, concentration and focus and mental clarity.

IV fluids also have a 100 percent absorption rate, in comparison to vitamin supplements, which have a 20-30 percent absorption rate, said Sweeney.

Having experienced such positive impacts from these treatments herself and seeing others do the same, Sweeney says she wanted to offer that to the local health community and beyond. She also anticipates opening a IV bar in Clarion within the next few months.

There are also drips designed with certain vitamins and nutrients for those who face specific struggles like seasonal allergies, hangovers and PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms, according to the website.

All drips are administered by licensed nurses, said Sweeney, and Infuzed IV Bar currently has six nurses hired.

Part of the business is also mobile, meaning health professionals can go into people’s homes to administer the drips, said Sweeney, taking all of the necessary precautions while doing so.

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The modernized facility in the center of town will offer a calming atmosphere with a bar area that can seat three people, and four recliner chairs, said Sweeney. People will be free to work on their laptop, read, etc. while being infused.

A regular customer would get an infusion once or twice a month, depending on the person’s needs, said Sweeney.

The staff at the IV Bar will guide people and help them pick the drip that’s right for them, said Sweeney, asking a series of questions for about 15-20 minutes beforehand.

The IV bar also offers injections of daily vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12 and vitamin D3, “tri-immune boost” and “slim boost,” the website says.

Sweeney credited Sweeney Quality Construction LLC and Frank Zelman Construction for renovating the facility prior to opening.

Thus far, the feedback about the new business has been very positive, and there has been much excitement, with several appointments already booked. Both appointments and walk-ins are welcome.

Weight loss supplements will also be for sale at the facility, said Sweeney.

Visit Infused IV Bar on Facebook and www.infuzedivbar.com. Call 814-299-7252 for more information.

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