CURWENSVILLE — Curwensville Borough Council is hoping a request for a revision to to its application for streetscape funding means good news.

At Monday’s meeting, Secretary Terri Bracken reported the borough was contacted by the state Department of Community and Economic Development concerning a change to the amount of funding requested from its multimodal transportation fund.

Bracken said the borough was contacted by the Curwensville Regional Development Corp’s engineer Stahl-Sheaffer Engineering concerning some minor changes to the design of the project resulting in a revision in the amount of funding.

“The resolution reflects a change in the amount of funding requested from $1.5 million to $1.3 million,” she told council.

Council unanimously approved the resolution and the change to the amount requested to $1,377,913.

Earlier this year, Stahl-Sheaffer wrote an application for a $1.5 million state Department Community and Economic Development multimodal grant to fund the initial phase of the borough’s streetscape project on state Route 879, State Street, from its intersections with Bloomington and Ridge avenues.

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The streetscape project would upgrade all aspects of the highway including sidewalks, vehicle and pedestrian lighting, parking and signage. Plans are to start with the section from Bloomington Avenue to Filbert Street.

Curwensville Borough and the CRDC plan to fund the work with the multimodal grant and use a Automated Red Light Enforcement grant Curwensville Borough was awarded in January as the match.

The borough was awarded $247,277 in ARLE funds. The grant will be used for traffic signal upgrades at the intersections of Filbert Street and State Street, state Route 879 and State and River streets and Bloomington Avenue. Improvements will include light-emitting diode signal heads, pedestrian improvements and timing adjustments.

Funds needed for expenses not covered by grant funding such as engineering and design are being paid for with CRDC’s capital campaign “Blueprint for Prosperity: Changes Now For Our Future.” The objective of the campaign is to utilize donated funds to jumpstart regional revitalization through downtown Curwensville enhancements.

Plans are for the Streetscape project to eventually upgrade eight blocks in Curwensville along State Street between the road’s intersection with Bloomington and Ridge Avenues using a multi-phase approach. Work to be done would eventually include new sidewalks, curbs, pedestrian and vehicle lighting, parking, signage and green spaces, all uniform, user-friendly and compliant with standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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