Kenneth James Ireland, 22, of Wallaceton, pleaded guilty before the start of his scheduled trial for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl.

Ireland was scheduled for a jury trial on Wednesday but he pleaded guilty on Tuesday afternoon to statutory sexual assault — felony of the second degree; corruption of minors and indecent exposure — misdemeanors of the second degree.

Sentencing usually occurs within 60 days.

On Jan. 29, 2021 a woman reported Kenneth James Ireland, 21, of Wallaceton, sexually assaulted her 15-year old daughter.

She said the girl and and her younger sister spent the evening at the residence of Tia Nicole Dixon, 25, along Byers Street in Hyde. When the girls returned home the next day, the mother said the 15-year-old was not acting like herself. The teen later told her mother that she was sexually assaulted by Ireland, who was a friend of Dixon’s.

On. Feb. 9, the 15-year-old girl was interviewed at the Child Advocacy Center in Clearfield.

She said on Jan. 28, she and her younger sister were staying with Dixon and riding around in her car when Dixon told them they were going to pick up Ireland. She said Dixon had posted a picture of her (the victim) on Snapchat a couple of weeks prior and Ireland told Dixon he thought the 15-year-old was “cute.”

After picking up Ireland, the victim said Dixon and Ireland were talking about sex and Ireland pulled out some condoms and showed them to the girls.

They returned to Dixon’s trailer in Hyde and Dixon gave her and her sister coconut rum to drink and they drank a glass and a half each.

Ireland picked out the sexually explicit movie “Fifty Shades Darker” for all of them to watch. Dixon then told the girls she was leaving to go meet her boyfriend during his lunch break. The victim said her younger sister asked Dixon if she and her sister were going too, and Dixon responded “No, they look busy.”

Dixon then left the residence, leaving the two girls alone with Ireland.

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After Dixon left, the victim said Ireland picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and began sexually assaulting her.

The victim said she told Ireland “no” several times. He tried to rape her several times, but she resisted. She said she was able to kick him off of her and she ran to the bathroom and locked the door. He asked her to open the door, but she refused.

After a period of time the girl said she returned to the living room. Dixon came home and went to bed. The victim said she fell asleep on the couch and her sister was sleeping on the floor.

The victim said she woke up later to Ireland sexually assaulting her and saying her name. She again said no but he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom again where he sexually assaulted her and tried to rape her, but she resisted and told him to stop.

He persisted and she said she began to cry. She then heard her sister open the bedroom door and yell her name three times. She said Ireland stopped and she and her sister went to Dixon’s bedroom and stayed there for the rest of the night.

The younger sister was also interviewed at the CAC and she gave a similar account as the victim, and said Dixon had poured them glasses of alcohol but wasn’t sure what kind it was. She said the alcohol made her dizzy and she fell asleep on the floor

The younger sister said Ireland kept coming into the bedroom asking her sister to come out and lay with him, but she refused. She said once, he came in and starting kissing and touching her sister when she was on the bed.

The younger sister then suggested that the victim sleep in the middle in between her and Dixon.

The last time he entered the bedroom, she said she covered her sister with the blanket and wrapped her leg around her. She asked Ireland what he was doing and he responded “nothing” and left and he didn’t return.

Ireland was originally charged with rape/forcible compulsion, criminal attempt-rape/forcible compulsion, criminal solicitation-rape/forcible compulsion, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse-victim less than 16 years old, and related charges.

Dixon is also charged with corruption of minors, and criminal attempt-corruption of minors — felonies of the third degree, furnish alcohol to minors, three counts — misdemeanors of the third degree. Her case is still pending according to court documents.

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