A couple accused of starving a dog to death have been charged with animal cruelty.

William Keneth Long, 22, and Kiara Lynn Gohn, both of Apollo, Armstrong County, are charged with aggravated cruelty to animals-causing serious bodily injury, felony of the third degree; cruelty to animals, conspiracy-cruelty to animals, tamper with/fabricate physical evidence, conspiracy-tamper with/fabricate evidence, misdemeanors of the second degree; neglect of animals-sustenance/water and conspiracy-neglect of animals, misdemeanors of the third degree and four summary counts of neglect of animals.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on Feb. 26, a humane officer with the SPCA reported that one of Gohn and Long’s dogs had died at the residence along Daisy Street and it was believed to have died of neglect. The SPCA was going to the residence to potentially seize the other animals in the residence and asked if police could go with them.

Sgt. Daniel Podliski responded to the home and found it dirty and in poor condition.

When Long and Gohn were asked what happened to deceased dog, they said on Feb. 20, they were informed that Long’s brother had died and they left Clearfield to go to the funeral in Tarentum. When they returned the next day, they discovered their collie had died.

They also said they believed someone had entered their apartment when they were away and provided a name of the person of a suspect, but police found no evidence of a break in.

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Podlisiy asked about the location of the deceased dog and Gohn said it was buried in Apollo. Podliski asked permisson to retrieve the dog so a necropsy could be peformed to determine the cause of death.

Long became uncooperative but Gohl gave permission.

After leaving the residence, Gohl called Podliski and said the dog was at their residence in Clearfield. She said the dog had been there the entire time.

A necropsy was performed by Dr. Mary Eckl who determined the dog died due to starvation.

The police also seized two rabbits, a dog, and a cat from the residence and they are currently in the care of the Clearfield County SPCA.

Long and Gohn’s preliminary hearings are scheduled before Magisterial District Judge Michael Morris.

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