Robert Jeffery Bailor, 50, of Clearfield, who was convicted of attempted murder for repeatedly stabbing a man in front of his home in Hyde, dismissed his defense attorney Tuesday.

A jury found Bailor guilty but mentally ill on the charges of criminal attempt/criminal homicide — felony of the first degree, aggravated assault — felony of the first degree, aggravated assault — felony of the second degree, terroristic threats — misdemeanor of the first degree and simple assault — misdemeanor of the second degree.

Bailor is looking at a 20 to 40 year prison sentence. The guilty but mentally ill verdict means a hearing will be held to determine Bailor’s mental health treatment. Bailor would then be sent to a secure mental health facility and once that treatment is completed, Bailor would finish his sentence in state prison.

Bailor’s sentencing has already been postponed twice. The first time was in January because the state had not yet completed Bailor’s mental health analysis. It was postponed again in February, because although the mental health analysis had been completed, it wasn’t delivered to the attorneys and court until the day of sentencing. The judge postponed it until April to give the defense more time to decide if it wants to hire its own expert to perform a mental health analysis on Bailor.

Tuesday, Bailor went before President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman and asked him to remove Joshua Maines of Clearfield as his defense attorney, claiming ineffective assistance of counsel. Bailor claimed he is innocent of the charges and Maines did not defend him properly at trial.

“I am looking at a life sentence for a crime I didn’t do,” Bailor said. “I have to do something.”

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Ammerman asked Maines if he is representing Bailor as a court appointed or as a private attorney. Maines said he is representing Bailor as private attorney. He said he is being paid by Bailor’s family and they would like him to continue to represent Bailor at least until sentencing. But Maines said this is up to Bailor, not his family, therefore he has filed a motion to withdraw as counsel.

Ammerman asked Bailor if he is planning on hiring another private attorney or is he going to apply for representation from the public defender’s office and Bailor said he doesn’t yet know.

Ammerman approved Maines’ motion for withdrawal of counsel.

Clearfield County District Attorney Ryan P. Sayers noted to keep the process moving forward, he asked Ammerman to immediately appoint the public defender’s office to represent Bailor until he gets a private attorney, if that occurs.

Ammerman said he understand’s Sayers’ concerns, but said it wouldn’t be proper for him to do so until Bailor submits an application to the public defender’s office for representation.

Bailor is being held in the Clearfield County Jail without bail.