Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority discussed the possibility of added a third electronic and hazardous household waste collection event in 2022.

Director Jodi Brennan reported given the popularity of both the spring and fall events, board members are considering scheduling another collection event for next year’s lineup.

“We discussed added a third event in 2022 because the events are so popular,” she told The Progress.

She said all times for both the 2021 spring and fall collections were filled long before the dates of the events. An additional 90 minutes was added to each event and all appointments were triple booked and still residents requested more appointments.

She said the vendor has given the dates of April 23, July 16 and Nov. 5 for consideration by the board, Brennan said.

“These are the dates the vendor has provided the authority. We will consider them at a future meeting. Right now we are waiting on quotes from the vendor. We know costs are going to be higher next year. They went up prior to the fall collection because of an issue with one of the processors which forced the vendor to charge higher fees. The authority ate those costs of approximately $3,050 because advertisements had already gone out with the costs and we figured it would be easier to charge the authority the difference than to try to contact more than 200 residents about the increased cost. Luckily we had received some additional recycling funds so we were able to afford the increase.”

She said once the authority signs the contract with the vendor the event will go live.

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