CURWENSVILLE — Curwensville Borough Council reviewed the 2022 proposed budget that reflects $1.1 million in total spending.

Finance committee Chairwoman Harriet Carfley asked council to review the document.

“Look this over. We are advertising that the budget is on display to the public until the next meeting.” Council intends to approve the budget at its combined committees and business meeting Oct. 25.

Members on Monday reviewed the $977,529 general fund and the $171,524 state road fund spending plans.

The general fund expects income of $787,529 next year, plus $90,000 carried over from 2021 and $100,000 in reserve funds.

Revenue will come from taxes, $596,000; licenses and permits, $23,000; fines and forfeits, $17,620; interest, rents and royalties, $2,544; state shared revenue, $54,500; local government payments, $100; public safety, $89,915; culture and recreation, $2,850; and miscellaneous revenue, $500.

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Expenses total $892,186. The total breaks down to elected officials salaries, $4,225; mayor’s salary and office supplies, $1,060; auditing service, $4,500; tax collector commission and expenses, $10,550; legal services, $6,000; secretary/treasurer and clerk’s salaries, $40,040; information technology and engineering services, $10,500; and general administration, $ 31,045.

Expenditures for public safety include, police department, $246,981; fire department, $37,500; building code and code enforcement, $13,810; planning and zoning, $15,000; and animal control, $7,300.

Public works streets and highways, $250,230; culture and recreation, $32,045; community development, $32,647; employee benefits, $131,265; and insurance, $17,486.

The state road fund budget is balanced with both income and expenses totaling $171,524.

The budget for the fire department includes income of $28,008 including a transfer from the borough’s general fund of $28,000 and interest of $8. Expenses total $28,000 including the chief’s allowance, fire vehicle fuel, vehicle repair and maintenance, hoses and supplies, worker’s compensation insurance and vehicle insurance.

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