Corporate Wellness at Indiana Regional Medical Center is designed to assist local businesses in improving the health of their employees. In 2019, IRMC Corporate Wellness team conducted wellness-related activities for nine different companies and completed health screenings or health services for fifteen businesses. Industries supported by IRMC’s Corporate Wellness team include energy, manufacturing, healthcare, education and finance.

A combination of screenings and wellness program components have been the recipe for success for IRMC’s Corporate Wellness team and the businesses they support. In 2019, participants have decreased their weight, improved their cholesterol and blood sugar levels and increased their minutes of physical activity.

One participant decreased his weight by 85 pounds. One company improved its overall total normal cholesterol by .5 percent. It may not seem significant, however, over 100 employees with elevated cholesterol levels in the past, now have cholesterol levels within the normal range. Finally, one company incentivized its employees to move more and had a total of 27,650,915 steps in four months. This is equivalent to 14,000 miles or walking across the U.S., coast to coast, approximately five times.

“IRMC recently partnered with WellRight because employees have the opportunity to customize their own wellness journeys”, says Amanda Augustine, manager of Corporate and Community Wellness at IRMC. “The variety of challenges offered empowers each participant to hold themselves accountable to improve in all areas of well-being including physical, financial, social and mental awareness.”

The WellRight platform also allows IRMC to offer more customization to a company’s wellness program. In the past, a wellness program had to be planned from beginning to end prior to the launch of the program.

Implementing WellRight gives IRMC Corporate Wellness staff the flexibility to add programs throughout a company’s program year. This is an added advantage as many times a wellness program can be as fluid as other aspects of a business.

If you are thinking of establishing a wellness program for your company, IRMC’s Corporate Wellness team can offer you wellness designs, incentive management, recommended screenings and creative ways to motivate your employees to enhance their health. You can find out more by calling 724-357-8171.

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