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Duaa Ahmad, a high school student at Oshkosh West High School in Wisconsin, jumped into action to help dozens of her peers to shelter when they had to evacuate their school due to a threat. Police said a 16-year-old student stabbed an officer with an "edged weapon" before being shot by the officer.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has officially entered the 2020 presidential race, further saturating the Democratic field. As the 8th wealthiest American, Bloomberg's candidacy could answer the question, how important is money in a campaign?

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Seventy-five years later, over a million visit the Pearl Harbor memorial every year in Hawaii.

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United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz will step down from running the airline in May. Munoz is best known for being the face of the airline during the public relations debacle, when a passenger was dragged off an overbooked flight in April of 2017.