ALLPORT — With the governor’s directive shutting down schools until at least April 6, one area athletic trainer came up with a way to keep everyone, not just athletes, moving.

West Branch’s Ashlee McQuown approached the school’s adminstration to see if there would be interest in her holding an online workout through Zoom, an online meeting platform that is being used by schools and universities to link them up during the quarantine.

“I miss my athletes, I miss my profession, and this is the best way I can think of to include fitness with interaction, while staying within the restrictions,” she said.

The workouts will be held twice a week to start (Tuesday and Thursday). To allow teachers the opportunity to participate, as well as maintain a sense of normalcy with athletes and practice times, the workouts will be held from 3:30-4:30 p.m. using the zoom link.

McQuown said most workouts will only be 30-35 minutes long, but she will block out an entire hour so that everyone can stretch, ask questions and get anything may need beforehand.

The virtual workouts will be held on zoom, which can be dowloaded for free at for both mobile and desktop use.

“That way, if participants don’t have it on their computer, they have the ability to download it, or download the app on their phone,” McQuown said. “I will send a link for the zoom meeting closer to Tuesday. This link will never change, and will be allowed to be viewed by anyone, so administrators can monitor all that occurs if needed.”

McQuown said while she will lead the workouts and conversation on zoom, the actual workout they will be following will be taken from workouts available on

“This allows everyone to take it at their own pace, yet still have the interaction and support of those in the workout,” she said.

There are rules to the workouts, since video can be streamed of all of the participants if they so choose.

Rules of the virtual workouts:

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1. You must wear proper attire. Aka, shirts must be on, shorts/leggings are acceptable.

2. You have the option to mute your workout. If you choose not to, please just watch your language. I want these workouts to be available for all ages, so we need to be respectful of all that could be in earshot.

3. This is a support, no judgement, workout. You are doing this for YOU. Negativity towards others will not be tolerated.

McQuown asked for interested parties to contact her via her email at with their email addresses and any questions they may have prior to the first workout.

She will then send out a zoom link, and anyone who participates may pass that link on.

“If after a workout you feel someone else would enjoy it, or maybe they have not been notified of this opportunity, please forward this email, or the zoom link when it arrives,” said McQuown.

McQuown hopes to send a formal email out to everyone by Sunday night with the link for the first workout, which is scheduled for Tuesday.

“There has seemingly been good interest, so I am excited to see the outcome on day 1,” she said.

McQuown said she would like to thank the school’s adminstration and athletic department for giving her the go ahead to do the workouts.

“I love my job,” she said. “Not being able to do a single thing towards my profession has been incredibly difficult. I hope that our community seizes this opportunity, and we can get back to our athletic seasons sooner than later.”