The old saying goes, ‘There is no I in team.’

Not a single one of our Progressland athletes needs to be reminded of that.

Unfortunately, it’s an entitled parent, who thinks that they are above the rules that almost cost one of our local teams the chance to play their first football game on Friday night.

I will only mention the school once and I will only do it because they put out a statement to acknowledge the incident had happened and to reiterate what the rules are.

Yes, you heard that correctly. West Branch Area School District, which had no part in this uninvited fan showing up to Juniata Valley on Friday, had to tell an adult that there is no I in team.

The school district’s statement said, in part, that “The District does not support this behavior which it deems as disrespectful and harmful.”

According to the rules that the Inter-County Conference voted on after the PIAA allowed schools to decide whether or not to play fall sports, any team who has fans show up at a venue where they are not permitted to be can be escorted from the premises and their team would be required to forfeit.

That didn’t happen on Friday, and it was only through the kindness of the Juniata Valley School District that it didn’t.

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The school went on to apologize to Juniata Valley, “for this poor and embarrassing behavior.”

It was a very nice gesture of the school district to put out a statement and self report to District 6 and the PIAA.

For people who do not think this is serious, let me explain. District 6 and the PIAA have the right to sanction any school member as they see fit for breaking its rules.

They could have sanctioned kids, who through no fault of their own had an adult who couldn’t follow directions, and they could have shut the entire program down.

They have that right. All of our Progressland schools are members of the PIAA and their respective districts. They are required to follow rules that are put in place by either entity.

I’m guessing that 99.9 percent of our athlete’s parents understand that.

And for the rest of the 0.1 percent, that means if you don’t want to follow the rules, then your kid does not have to play.

There is no I in team.