HYDE — Clearfield head track and field coach John Jacob thought his boys team was going to be pretty solid this year, but even he was surprised by the way his Bison dominated their opening meet of the season Tuesday at the Bison Sports Complex.

Clearfield won all but three events and had the top three finishers in 10 of the 15 individual disciplines on the way to impressive victories over Philipsburg-Osceola (135-15) and Central (132-18).

“We didn’t expect them to be where they’re at this quickly with the times and distances,” Jacob said. “They surprised me.”

The Lady Bison weren’t quite as dominant, but they still got the job done with 10 first-place finishes and enough seconds and thirds for comfortable wins over P-O (101-40) and Central (90-54).

“The girls aren’t deep, but they got points where we needed them, especially in the relays,” Jacob said. “Getting 10 points in the 4x100 and 4x400 is tough for other teams to come back from.”

The boys were led by seniors Matt Collins, Mason Royer and Bront Strickland, who each won multiple events.

Collins easily outdistanced the field in the discus with a throw of 159-08 and was tops in the shot put with a heave of 39-01. Teammates Levi Luzier and Peyton Preister were second and third in the discus, while Bison Andrew Josephson and Grady Yarger came in right behind Collins in the shot.

Yarger then topped Collins in the javelin with a throw of 137-02 as the pair were 1-2 in the event.

“You expect Matt to win the throws, but having Grady win the jav and then having the Top 3 in both the discus and shot was big,” Jacob said.

Royer cruised to wins in the 110 and 300 hurdles with times of 16.2 and 45.07, respectively and then ran a leg on the winning 4x400 relay. He also anchored the 4x100 relay that easily crossed the line in first, but the team was DQ’d due to a bad handoff.

Seth Caldwell, Spencer Graham and Ryan Forcey were on the 4x400 team with Royer. Caldwell was also on the 4x100 team that would have won if not for the bad handoff

The Bison also had the second- and third-place finishers in both hurdles as Spencer Graham and Pratan Steiner achieved those spots in both races.

“Mason did very well in the hurdles and relays,” Jacob said. “He’s a leader. Guys look up to him. Seth is a leader too. Both those guys had good days.”

Strickland had a big day in the sprints, winning the 100 dash (11.76) and 200 dash (24.72) in personal best times and also taking the 400 with a time of 57.05.

“Bront had a really good day,” Jacob said. “We took him out of the relays to see what he would do individually and to see how it would affect team score. And he ran personal bests in two events.”

J.T. Swales was second in both the 100 and 200. Caldwell was third in the 200 and Isaac Rumery placed third in the 100. Thad Butler took third in the 400.

Another senior, Kyle Biancuzzo, got some strong competition from teammate Jeremiah Vezza in the distance events. Biancuzzo, the returning District 9 champ in the 3200, won that event in a time of 11:22.68 with Vezza taking second and Bison Brandon Lacock finishing third.

But Vezza beat everyone to the line in the 1600 with a time of 5:26.59. Aaron Aycock edged out Biancuzzo for second.

Aycock was also the runner-up in the 800.

“Kyle and Jeremiah competed hard all day,” Jacob said. “It was exciting to watch.”

Another senior — Ethan McGinnis — in his first year on the track team made some waves with a win in the long jump, beating classmate Dave McKenzie by one inch (19-02 to 19-01). McGinnis added a second-place finish in the 400.

McKenzie was also second in the triple jump to sophomore Taye Lynch, who had a monster jump of 39-10.

“The senior leadership on this team is great,” Jacob said. “Dave is very good in the jumps and he was helping out Taye and Ethan. For Taye to jump close to 40 feet as a sophomore is unreal. He improved every jump.”

McKenzie, the defending D-9 champ in the high jump, had to settle for a second in that event as P-O’s Dane Soltys recorded a height of 6-00 to edge out the Bison.

The Bison rounded out their big day with a sweep of the Top 3 spots in the pole vault behind Cody Shaw’s 8-00. Graham and Herschel Johnson were second and third.

“There are a couple guys that have been working very hard at the pole vault, coming in early in the morning to work with our new coach Jacob Pistner,” Jacob said. “He really has them coming along.”

Katrina Spencer led the Lady Bison with wins in both hurdles to go with victories on two relays.

Spencer won the 100 hurdles with a time of 17.97 and took the 300 hurdles in 52.96. Freshman Madison Davis helped the Lady Bison cause with a second and third, respectively in those events.

Spencer and Davis joined Ally Lindstrom and Nicolette Brossard on the 4x400, which won in a time of 4:38.15. Grumblatt replaced Davis on the 4x100 while the other three remained the same for a victory in 56.76.

“Katrina took over all her races,” Jacob said. “She is a leader. She’s been to states. She’s been through it all.”

Lindstrom, back on the team after a year away from the sport, also won the triple jump and was second in the 100 dash.

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“It’s great to see Ally back,” Jacob said. “She had a nice day. She made some beautiful jumps in the triple jump.”

Brossard, who came over from the softball team this season, is already paying dividends as well. In addition to running legs on two winning relays, she also picked up a second in the high jump.

“Nicolette had a good rookie debut,” Jacob said. “She did look a little lost at times being her first competition, but she’s a good athlete and she did very well athletically.”

Jaclyn Freeman won a pair of distance races for the Lady Bison and also grabbed a first in the pole vault. She ran the 1600 in 6:14.28 and crossed the line in the 3200 in 13:55.99. Her pole vault of 5-06 made her the only Lady Bison to win three individual events.

“Freeman had a real nice day,” Jacob said. “She ran, and won, all the distance events except the 800, which is a real tough day.”

Grumblatt won the 200 dash in 30.53 and added a third in the 100 dash to finish up a strong freshman debut.

The Lady Bison didn’t fare quite as well in the throwing events, but still were able to pick up some points. Cassidy Stephens won the shot put with a throw of 29-04, while Mikayle Rebo was second in the javelin and third in the discus.

The Philipsburg-Osceola girls had a strong day in the throws, getting firsts from Julia Burns in the discus (94-04) and Mackenzie Podliski in the javelin (95-02).

Teammate Jordan Day finished second in the discus and third in the jav, while Burns and Kristin Butterworth were second and third in the shot put.

Sydney Holt also won an event for the Lady Mounties, running the 100 dash in 14.42. Holt also took third in the 200 dash. Sam Bainey was second in the 3200 run.

On the boys side, Soltys was P-O’s lone winner. He was also third in the triple jump, while Matthew Shimmel placed third in the 800 run.

“Dane Soltys led the way for the boys team in the jumps by winning high jump and taking third overall in triple jump,” first-year P-O head coach Jason McKenzie said. “Both our boys and girls teams competed well today and put forth their best efforts. We’ve got young teams, and a lot of our competitors were in their first meet. They came out and gave it their all.

“For both teams, our throwers helped lead the way. Julia Burns (discus) and Mackenzie Podliski (javelin) each had first-place finishes in throwing events. In her first meet, Sydney Holt won the 100 overall and took second in the 200 by only .09 seconds.”

The boys lost to Central 76-65. The Lady Mounties dropped a close 76-65 decision to the Lady Dragons.

Clearfield is back in action Saturday at the Altoona Igloo Invitational.

P-O hosts Huntingdon and Penns Valley on April 4.


Clearfield 132, Central 18

Clearfield 135,

Philipsburg-Osceola 15

Central 76,

Philipsburg-Osceola 65

3200 meter relay: 1. Central, 9:27.04. 110 meter hurdles: 1. Mason Royer, CL, 16.2. 2. Spencer Graham, CL. 3. Pratan Steiner, CL 100 meter dash: 1. Bront Strickland, CL, 11.76. J.T. Swales, CL. 3. Isaac Rumery, CL. 1600 meter run: 1. Jeremiah Vezza, CL, 5:26.59. 2. Aaron Aycock, CL. 3. Kyle Biancuzzo, CL 400 meter dash: 1.Strickland, CL, 57.05. 2. Ethan McGinnis, CL. 3. Thad Butler, CL. 400 meter relay: 1. Central, 52.11 300 meter hurdles: 1. Royer, CL, 45.07. 2. Graham, CL. 3. Steiner, CL. 800 meter run: 1. Chase Cook, CEN, 2:19,14. 2. Aycock, CL. 3. Matthew Shimmel, PO. 200 meter dash: 1. Strickland, CL, 24.72. 2. Swales, CL. 3. Caldwell, CL. 3200 meter run: 1. Biancuzzo, CL, 11:22.68. 2. Vezza, CL. 3. Brandon Lacock, CL. 1600 meter relay: 1. Clearfield (Graham, Ryan Forcey, Caldwell, Royer), 4:01.96. Pole vault: 1. Cody Shaw, CL, 8-00. 2. Graham, CL. 3. Herschel Johnson, CL. High jump: 1. Dane Soltys, PO, 6-00. 2. Dave McKenzie, CL. 3. Taye Lynch, CL. Long jump: 1. Ethan McGinnis, CL, 19-02. 2. McKenzie, CL. 3. S. Taylor, CEN. Triple jump: 1. Lynch, CL, 39-10. 2. McKenzie, C. 3. Soltys, PO. Shot put: 1. Matt Collins, CL, 39-01. 2. Andrew Josephson, CL. 3. Grady Yarger, CL. Discus: 1. Collins, CL, 159-08. 2. Levi Luzier, CL. 3. Peyton Priester, CL. Javelin: 1. Yarger, CL, 137-02. 2. Collins, CL. 3. William Davis, CEN.


Clearfield 90, Central 54

Clearfield 101,

Philipsburg-Osceola 40

Central 72,

Philipsburg-Osceola 65

3200 meter relay: 1. Central, 11:24.03 110 meter hurdles: 1. Katrina Spencer, CL, 17.97. 2. Madison Davis, CL. 3. Emily Hoover, CEN. 100 meter dash: 1. Sydney Holt, PO, 14.42. 2. Ally Lindstrom, CL. 3. Avry Grumblatt, CL. 1600 meter run: 1. Jaclyn Freeman, CL, 6:14.28. 2. Meggie Stern, CEN. 3. Madilyn Domico, CL. 400 meter dash: 1. E. Brumbaugh, CEN, 1:11.43. 2. Brossard, CL. 3. Lindsey Bordas, PO. 400 meter relay: 1. Clearfield, (Spencer, Nicolette Brossard, Grumblatt, Lindstrom), 56.76. 300 meter hurdles: 1. Spencer, CL, 52.96. 2. Hoover, CEN. 3. Davis, CL. 800 meter run: 1. Emma Lingenfelter, CEN, 2:58.63. 2. Sierra Luzier, CL. 3. Emily Shipley, CL. 200 meter dash: 1. Grumblatt, CL, 30.53. 2. Holt, PO. 3. M. Miller, CEN. 3200 meter run: 1. Freeman, CL, 13:55.99. 2. Sam Bainey, PO. 3. Jessica Mulhollan, CL. 1600 meter relay: 1. Clearfield (Lindstrom, Spencer, Brossard, Davis), 4:38.15. Pole vault: 1. Freeman, CL, 5-06. High jump: 1. Hannah Rossman, CEN, 4-08. 2. Brossard, CL. Long jump: 1. Rossman, CEN, 14-07.5. 2. Hoover, CEN. 3. Lauren Crilly, CEN. Triple jump: 1. Lindstrom, CL, 31-11. 2. Stern, CEN. 3. Lingenfelter, CEN. Shot put: 1. Cass Stephens, CL, 29-04. 2. Burns, PO. 3. A. Butterworth, PO. Discus: 1. Julia Burns, PO, 94-04. 2. Jordan Day, PO. 3. Mikayle Rebo, CL. Javelin: 1. Mackenzie Podliski, PO, 95-02. 2. Rebo, CL. 3. Day, PO.