Members of the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority are considering whether its advertising slogan continues to portray an accurate message.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Director Josiah Jones said he has been conducting an informal poll about the catchphrase “Backwoods, Backroads, Backwaters” that is currently used on CCRTA’s tourism planning guide and some correspondence.

Jones said now may be the time for a new slogan.

“Resident’s comments have stirred my thought process,” he said.

He said he believes it may be time to consider another statement that exudes a message establishing an attitude more in keeping with CCRTA’s current mission.

“There are mixed feelings — some of those negative — about how we are portrayed in this phrase,” he said.

Jones said CCRTA also uses “Clearfield County: Halfway to Everywhere,” which he believes is a more enticing statement.

“It seems more inviting and encourages people to find out why and look into the county a bit more. Halfway to everywhere just seems more appealing and seems to work out well for us,” he explained.

Chairwoman Susan Williams said the slogans CCRTA uses are not unchangeable.

“I think a logo is more a marketing thing. We can change it up depending on who the audience is,” Williams said.

Member John Sughrue said he too believed it may be time for a change.

“We have gone beyond Backwoods, Backroads and Backwaters to a more sophisticated approach to hotels and attractions,” Sughrue said. “I think that theme puts more of an emphasis on hunting, fishing and kayaking — which we are — but the county is much more than that.”