HOUTZDALE — Neighbors involved in a dispute Monday afternoon resulted in charges from Clearfield-based State Police who were called to the scene.

According to the police report, around 5:30 p.m., a disturbance was reported at 219 Electric Ave. near Houtzdale in Woodward Township. Upon police arrival, it was discovered that David Jacobs, 42, of Houtzdale was outside and yelling loudly, encouraging his neighbors to engage him in a physical altercation.

While this was going on, Natausha Jacobs, 41, of Houtzdale, was also causing a disturbance by making unreasonable noise by yelling at the neighbors, causing “annoyance and alarm.”

During the course of the argument, Kameron Jacobs, 21, of Clearfield, threw rocks at a Big Wheels bicycle in the direction of nearby people, which also caused “annoyance and alarm.”

Michael Morrison, 35, and Norma Reifer, 32, both of Houtzdale, were also yelling loudly during the disturbance.

All of the people involved were cited by troopers with disorderly conduct through District Court.