IRVONA — Mayor John Cramer expressed his frustration concerning some residents’ lack of patience with the borough’s clearing of snow.

Cramer told Irvona Borough Council recently that following the Dec. 16-17 storm that dumped nearly two-feet of snow in the region, that he received complaints about the time it was taking the borough’s sole road crew member to clear borough roads.

He noted a resident approached his wife who was clearing snow outside their home and used profanity when speaking to her about his complaint. Cramer said he also received a call from a resident and that resident too used profanity.

“If a resident has a problem they should be coming to the mayor, borough council, the secretary or the borough employee. My wife was working outside when a man approached her and verbally attacked her. Residents should not be attacking our spouses or our children and if someone is swearing at you, you shouldn’t have to put up with that. We don’t swear at residents when we talk to them and we don’t deserve to be spoken to like that,” Cramer said.

The borough’s employee began removing snow on the afternoon of Dec. 16 and worked through the night to remove the volume of snow. Cramer reported he checked the streets at approximately 5 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 17.

“The hills were bare and the streets passable,” he told council.

Council President Dan Smith said the volume of snow received made moving it from borough streets even more difficult. “Part of the problem when you get a storm like that is where do you put all that snow? Even (the state Department of Transportation) was not keeping up. The borough only has one man. He came out when the snow started and worked through until the next morning so that the roads could be open for people to go to work. The worker needs his sleep too,” Smith said.

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