HOUTZDALE — A Houtzdale man is lodged in Clearfield County Jail after being charged by Clearfield-based State Police with burglarizing two bars and a convenience store of almost $15,000 from PA Skills game machines.

Brice William Love, 24, of Houtzdale, is charged with multiple counts of burglary, a felony; criminal trespass, a felony; theft by unlawful taking, both of felony and misdemeanor degrees; and criminal mischief, of both misdemeanor and summary degrees.

According to three criminal complaints filed by State Police, on June 23, Love allegedly used force to enter a window of the Fuel-On/Starr gas station at 710 Elizabeth St., Houtzdale. Once inside the building, police said Love used force to open two Pennsylvania Skills machines and took $7,963 from the machine. Love then fled the scene.

Pennsylvania Skills machines were designed by POM of PA and is solely distributed by Miele Manufacturing. They are not associated with the state Pennsylvania Lottery.

In a second incident, on Sept. 3, Love allegedly used force to pry open a door and gain access to the Remedy Bar, 716 Hannah St. in Houtzdale. Upon gaining access, Love allegedly used a pry bar to open two Pennsylvania Skills Machines, removed $425 and fled the scene.

Also on Sept. 3, the owner of the Scotchman Bar at 133 Curtin St. in Osceola Mills reported to police that sometime overnight, an unknown person pried open his front door and gained access to his bar. While inside, the unknown person pried open several Pennsylvania Skills machines and stole $6,461.

An eye witness who lives in close proximity of the bar told police that he observed a silver Cadillac CTS sedan bearing a Pennsylvania license plate parked in his front yard. The witness said he heard “dumping” coming from the area of the bar. He stated that, as he walked to the door of the bar, he encountered a male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and baggy pants, carrying multiple tools, one of which the witness believed to be a black crowbar. Upon seeing the witness, the suspect threw the hood from his black sweatshirt over his head and fled on foot to the silver Cadillac parked in the witness’s front yard.

Upon reaching the vehicle, the suspect threw the tools in the back seat, entered the driver’s seat and fled at a high rate of speed.

On Sept. 6, Love was interviewed by PSP at the barracks in Woodland. Love told police he used a pry bar to force entry into the Scotchman bar and to open the machines. He told police “he took the cash and fled in his Cadillac.”

Love was arraingned on Oct. 9 in all three cases by District Judge James Glass. The the first two cases, Love was assessed $5,000 unsecured bail. In the third case, Love was lodged in Clearfield County Jail on $50,000 monetary bail.

Love is scheduled to appear at preliminary hearings on all three cases on Wednesday at Centralized Court at the CCJ.