Clearfield County now has a full team in place ready to update its municipal solid waste plan.

Clearfield County Commissioners on Tuesday approved the solid waste advisory committee members.

The committee must be made of representatives of all classes of municipalities along with citizen organizations, industry, private solid waste industries operating in Clearfield County and private recycling, scrap or material processing industries working in the county.

Committee members named by the commissioners are: city, Tom Nowak, DuBois deputy treasurer; township, Charlie Saggese, Cooper Township supervisor; borough, Terri Bracken, Curwensville Borough secretary; citizen organization, Phil Carr, Clearfield Area School Board director; industry, Chad Smith, Goodwill Industries; private solid waste industry, Donald Henrichs, Greentree Landfill manager; and private recycling or scrap material processing, Mike Boal of Novey Recycling.

The seven will join county recycling Coordinator Jodi Brennan and Jerry Dotts, a member of Glen Hope Borough Council who has 20 years of experience working in the landfill industry.

The committee will upgrade the county’s municipal management plan. The plan’s purpose is to ensure the Clearfield County has sufficient processing and disposal capacity for its municipal waste for a minimum of 10 years, a full, fair and open discussion of alternative methods of municipal waste processing or disposal, maximum feasible waste reduction and recycling of municipal waste or source separated recycling materials and to conserve resources and protect public health, safety and welfare from short and long-term dangers of transportation, processing, treatment, storage and disposal of municipal waste.

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