COALPORT — Coalport Borough Council has dismissed the borough’s tax collector.

At Monday’s meeting, members authorized the discharge of Noelle Morrissey as the borough’s tax collector because she was unable to secure a bond in an amount equal to 100 percent of the tax dollars she would oversee in the position.

Tax collectors who collect levies on behalf of municipalities are required to secure a tax collector surety bond — a legally binding contract. The bond ensures the collector ethically conducts business for the public.

Morrissey was appointed by council in February to fill the vacant position. Council had advertised the vacancy for several months prior and no residents expressed any interest in serving.

Council President Paul Zupich said Morrissey would have needed to be bonded for an amount equal to $250,000 — a calculation based on the total amount of 2020 taxes collected.

Zupich said she should have produced the bond before she was appointed to the position. “A lot of this has to do with her age. She’s young,” he added.

Resident Rick Nardelli asked what residents should do about paying their taxes in the interim. Zupich said the borough will appeal to Clearfield County and advertise for an eligible resident to fill the job.

Zupich proposed council consider contacting both Beccaria Township and Irvona Borough to inquire if both municipalities would be interested in having one tax collector to serve all three municipalities.

“We could form one large district and have a common tax collector,” he said.

The Rev. Gerald Spaid asked to be appointed to the position. Spaid is listed on the November municipal ballot for the borough’s tax collector position.

Zupich said he could not support appointing Spaid.

“Your building is a hazard and I cannot ask residents to go into a building that’s hazardous. It presents a problem and I am reluctant to ask council to appoint you under these circumstances,” Zupich said.

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