COALPORT — Coalport Borough Council authorized raises for borough employees.

At Monday’s business meeting, members, with a split vote, approved $1 per hour across the board salary increases. Borough employees Walt Hoey and Andrew Morrissey will now be paid $11 and $10 per hour, respectively, and borough secretary/treasurer will receive $10 per hour.

Council President Barby Trent said the raises were included in the 2021 budget and council’s approval is a formality.

Council Vice President Kevin Swauger said he believed a smaller raise for employees is justified but didn’t believe council should be approving such large hourly increases until it gets a better picture of the borough’s finances.

“I’m not saying they don’t deserve a raise but I don’t know where the money is going to come from,” Swauger said.

Trent said a review of the borough’s bank accounts show the borough is able to afford the raises, and an increase in pay is well deserved for all of them. “They do a heck of a lot and put up with a heck of a lot,” Trent said.

The vote to approve the raises was 4-1 with Trent, Robert Lee, LaDawn Yingling and Shawn Yingling voting to approve. Swauger voted no.

In a related matter, council authorized a three-month trial period revising the employees’ pay schedule so that they can be paid weekly instead of bi-weekly.

Trent said the change was requested by the employees. The change will be evaluated at the conclusion of the three month period.

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