WEST DECATUR — Boggs Township’s advertisement for a code enforcement officer went unanswered, but there are plans in the works to have someone come on a part time basis, according to Supervisor Chairman Russell “Butch” Jackson.

The township is in the process of laying out the groundwork to hire a code enforcement officer. The interested party has experience working in Decatur Township and Clearfield County, according to Jackson.

The township declined to provide the name of the person in question until more details are known.

“We’re in the process of working out the details,” Jackson said at a recent township meeting.

The interested party only wants to work a maximum of 10 hours per week, Jackson noted. The township will revisit the matter at the next monthly meeting.

The township recently passed an ordinance for dilapidated buildings and the like, according to Jackson.

“A lot of people in the township want to move forward with that to get rid of some of that stuff,” Jackson stated.

The township has not previously had a code enforcement officer, according to Jackson.

Driving around town, there are a few burned down houses that need to be addressed, Jackson noted.

The township also has been seeking a person for the open secretary position. They decided to advertise for the position a little longer before going through the applicants and interviewing for the role.

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