Clearfield-Lawrence Airport

The Clearfield-Lawrence Airport, located along state Route 879 near Sapp Bros. truck stop, offers many services to the private pilot, including hangar rentals, meeting rooms and a pilot’s lounge.

Clearfield Borough-Lawrence Township Joint Airport Authority is launching a campaign to help local government officials and county residents recognize the importance of the airport.

The airport is the only major airport in Clearfield County and is a home base for Stat MedEvac medical helicopter. A number of local businesses also utilize the airport’s facilities for air travel in and out of Clearfield County.

Chairman David Schultz recently asked the authority’s facilities committee to draft a list of annual activities highlighting the importance of the airport. The facilities committee is composed of Vice Chairman Paul Snyder, Richard Shaffer and Harvey Haag.

“We need to make sure those who give funds annually to support the airport are aware of what we do up here. It’s a common theme for municipalities looking for justification for giving dollars out,” Schultz explained.

The details researched by the committee would be compiled into a report that would be given to Clearfield Borough, Lawrence Township and Clearfield County as justification for a line item for the airport in their 2021-22 budgets.

Schultz said he met recently with officials from Lawrence Township about why its board had not allocated any funding for the airport in its 2021 spending plan.

“They told me they had not received a request from the airport,” Schultz said.

He said Clearfield Borough reduced its annual stipend to the airport from $10,000 to $8,500. Schultz said he would be making a request asking the funding be restored and stating why the airport depends on the allotment.

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