Suggested Scripture(s): John 4:7-15; 7:37-38; and Matthew 10:8

According to weather forecasts earlier in the week, the rain faucet might be turned off or at least turned down a bit for the next week or so. So with the chance of warmer, yet still humid air, remember to hydrate and drink plenty of water. I returned from a vacation earlier in July that took Katie and I to Miami and the Florida Keys to visit our adult son where he now lives and works. Very hot, with humidity for several of the days we were down there. And I was amazed how quickly the symptoms of being over-heated can come over you if not paying attention.

Scientists and medical personnel tell us that our bodies are made up of somewhere over 80 or even ninety percent of those H20 molecules that give us water! In other words, we need it, regardless of season or temperature. And from a spiritual and emotional and eternal perspective, we also need the living waters of grace and salvation given by Jesus Christ. Author John Bevere writes in one of his books about the two large bodies of water in the Holy Land: The Sea of Galilee and The Dead Sea –

…The Sea of Galilee freely receives and gives out water. It has an abundance of life, nurturing many different kinds of fish and plant life. The water of the Sea of Galilee is carried by way of the Jordan River to the Dead Sea. But the Dead Sea only takes water in and does not give it out. There are no living plants or fish in it. The living waters from the Sea of Galilee become dead when mixed with the hoarded waters of the Dead Sea. Life cannot be sustained if held onto: It must be given freely.

Such is the case for our faith and the saving grace we receive from Jesus Christ. Christ not only calls us to receive his grace, but to also give it away. For if we receive only for ourselves and think we have received from God all we need, the living waters of faith in our hearts can become brackish, even too salty and dead. This can also happen when Christians become bitter, offended, competitive with one another, or being unwilling to forgive. To be offended for any reason may result in our keeping Christ’s grace and faith bottled up, like the waters of the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River when they reach the Dead Sea. Our faith and grace have to be given away in order for us to continue to grow into Christian maturity. For if our faith is not maturing, is it really faith at all?

Christ has generously supplied us with his living waters of faith, grace, forgiveness, and salvation. How freely do these gifts flow from our hearts into the lives of others? Who do you know who needs to receive the living waters of Christ? So let us remember to keep ourselves both physically and spiritually “hydrated” during these summer months and also be seeking others who thirst as well.

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