Well, the first thing they’re gonna have to do is disinfect the White House.

Everyone on the Trump Train got the “rona” at one point or another. Joe’s gonna touch the door knob and drop dead.

Then we, the people, are gonna have to take some bleach to a system crawling with politicians more concerned with the monkey-shines of Trumpism than they are with actually doing the work of representing their district.

My local representative, Tommy Sankey (R-73), and the one next door in Centre County, Kerry Benninghoff (R-171), joined sixty-some-odd state legislators who signed on to a letter urging the Pa. Congressional Delegation to object to President-Elect Joe Biden’s Electors in a vain attempt to somehow overturn the results of the election.

All of these representatives need called on the carpet and they owe their constituents an explanation. Their letter is a soft-soap appeal making specious legal claims that the governor “and others” have “undermined the lawful certification of Pennsylvania’s delegation to the Electoral College.”

First off, the election rules were approved by a Republican state legislature because of the obvious challenges to in-person voting during a pandemic.

Second off, they wait until after the election to complain about the rules they, themselves, passed.

Thirdly, the Trump campaign sued Pennsylvania over and over again –before and after the election –and never made the claim or provided any proof of voter fraud or irregularities. U.S. Attorney General William Barr, who forever stained his office and personal reputation by carrying water for the president, admitted recently that there was no voter fraud that could be found to overturn the election.

Yet our brave heroes fight on!

To me, they’re either playing to the Red Hats among us (Sankey ran unopposed in November in a county that went to Trump by 50 points), or their donors or superiors, or they actually believe there is merit in their faulty claims.

If they are playing to the Trumpers, they are incurably cynical. If they are playing to their donors or superiors, they’re politically ambitious aboard a Trump Train that is clearly going over a cliff to CrazyTown. If they actually believe there is legal merit to their arguments, they’re just plain stupid.

I’d like to know which it is. Whichever it is, their answers would provide clear evidence that they need to be replaced because their games are damaging the democracy rather than protecting it, as so many of them claim.

Trump has had 57 court cases across this nation to try to weasel his way back into office and he’s 0 for 57. If there was proof, they’d have brought it.

Now, I offer a prediction. Watch as the Republican party sets about destroying the ease with which we voted this last time. They surely don’t want it being easier to vote after THIS mess.

Myself, I went into the county office about three weeks prior to the election and voted right there in person. That was wonderful. Five minutes. Un-hackable. Many people I know voted by mail and it was … get this… EASY!

The fact is that the Republicans don’t want to make it easy to access the power of the vote. They want to limit it as much as they can. They want to pass rules that make it harder to vote, like in Georgia, where, apparently, the GOP governor and secretary of state just didn’t cheat HARD enough to prevent a Biden win.

Trump’s blatant abuse of office this past week, when he called the Georgia secretary of state to compel him, like some mob boss, to “find 11,780 votes,” is an impeachable crime.

But, you know, Republicans won’t check their Don. They had a chance during impeachment early last year. The brave Senator from Maine, Susan Collins, weakly opined while giving Trump a pass, that the “president learned a lesson” from impeachment. Indeed: That he was in control and above the law. And because Republicans were too cowed to reign in their president, he became much worse.

Now comes our brave delegation from Harrisburg, as Trump melts like the Wicked Witch of the West, undermining the very democracy they serve in.

Every signatory on that letter and every Pa. representative in D.C. who heeds its call needs replaced because they are placing party over the nation.

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Shawn Inlow is an English major out of Slippery Rock State University when they were still called “The Rockets;” a former Journalist for the Courier-Express in DuBois and The Progress in Clearfield and WOKW radio; a soccer coach since the ‘70s; a founding member of the Clearfield Arts Studio Theater (CAST); a Pennsylvania State Trooper for 20 years. He is retired now.

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