Let me say this up front: There is no evidence for widespread voter fraud that gave Joe Biden the presidency. None. Nada. Zero. That computer thing? Made up. Those trucks of fake votes? Made up. Those burned ballots? Printed off the internet and not real ballots.

In fact, Democrat leadership was so inept that it barely managed to hang onto the House and didn’t win the Senate. A Biden presidency is hamstrung from the start with a Republican Senate, so if there was a concerted Democratic effort to “steal” the election, don’t you think they’d “steal” that as well?

I know people really genuinely think that there was a steal. That’s because the Dear Leader himself spread that rumor. The President of the United States is attacking the legitimacy of the government of the United States. It’s beyond being a sore loser. It’s downright un-patriotic.

And it scares me.

For one thing, when the last of the president’s frivolous lawsuits are thrown out and the last recount confirms the vote, there will still be an alarmingly large portion of our country who thinks we have an illegitimate president – despite President-Elect Biden doing what President Trump couldn’t do: win both the popular vote and the Electoral College.

I get the policy differences and the ghost of traditional Republicanism that allowed people to support Trump’s bigotry, anti-science tirades, hypocrisy, incompetence, and calls for white supremacists to “stand back and stand by.” I get the economic drivers and nostalgia-for-a-time-that-never-was that allowed good people to support a man who paid more in hush money to porn stars than taxes in the United States. I even understand the religious reasons for supporting a man who fits the Anti-Christ description better than any president in history (complete with a hat to put his mark on your forehead) even when he directly went against what Jesus actually said in the Bible (feed the poor, help the alien, support the weak, tax the rich, etc.). What I don’t get, and what I’ll never get, is how people support a man who throws a fit over losing and then tries to do what Russia never could during the Cold War: weaken the United States’ government.

It’s so un-American that it scares me.

And this won’t hurt President Trump one bit. His legal fund that people are donating to has fine print that basically makes it a slush fund for him to do what he wants. He has a choke hold on Republican politics, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts his own media platform to further radicalize his people. To what end? I’m afraid to speculate.

But, ultimately, it’s “We, the people” who will be harmed by his reckless behavior.

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Andrew Bundy is a husband, father, teacher, writer, and nerd. You can reach him at bundycolumn@gmail.com.

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