Man, did we have us some football games last weekend. There was a little bit of everything — big plays, close games, improbable comebacks, you name it. We also saw many superstar players get decimated by the injury bug. The biggest of names there was Giants RB and former Penn State Nittany L…

Rereading my columns, I’ve found that I have a mix of philosophical columns, political columns, fatherly columns, and life-lesson columns. It’s this last category that I often surprise myself with. These columns could easily be called “mistake columns” as they are life-lessons learned from t…

The Sunday of Week 1 of the NFL season is literally one of my favorite days out of the year. Each team goes into the season with optimism — well, most teams do at least.

Sports fans, it’s been a miserable year to say the least. It seems like it’s taken 15 years to get from March to September. Gone was March Madness. Gone was baseball, basketball and hockey for months.

In the run-up to the end of October and Doomsday in November, I’d like to take a moment to stop and reflect on how much I like September.

Ten years into this teaching thing, I should feel like I have it all figured out, right?

I am writing about the Clearfield County Controller Dennis Adamson naming his daughter as Deputy Controller. I think he could have used better judgement. His daughter may be qualified. But she is still his daughter.