Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority reminded residents who utilize its tire recycling program that the cost has gone up.

At Thursday’s business meeting, Director Jodi Brennan reported rates increased Jan. 1. The new fee is $3.50 per tire without a rim and $4 per tire with a rim.

Authority members last year approved a rate increase beginning in 2020 because of rising costs associated with hauling and recycling tires. Last year the authority processed 55 tons — or 2,500 tires — at a cost of $124.50 per ton plus an additional $150 per month fee for a trailer rental fee for a total cost of $8,648 per year to operate the program.

When the total cost is divided by the amount of tires received the cost per tire is $3.46 to process — $1.46 per tire more than the $2 the authority had been collecting for tires without rims. Three percent of the total amount of tires submitted for recycling have rims. The cost to process them was 46 cents more than the $3 the authority had been receiving. The new rates are expected to generate $8,787 per year.

Site signs have been updated to reflect the new pricing, Brennan said.