CURWENSVILLE — Because they are concerned about the safety of all who visit Curwensville Lake Recreation Area, Curwensville Lake Authority approved closing the area of the lake known locally as “The Cliffs” to visitors and posting signs stating no swimming is permitted there.

The authority on Tuesday unanimously approved closing the site located near the group tent camping area following discussion.

Teens are coming to the spot in the early evening to dive off a highwall and swim in the water that is about 30 feet deep. Member Cody Fye told the other board members he believes the practice is a safety hazard because it is very difficult for those driving boats through there to see the heads of the swimmers.

“Some of those boats have come close to hitting people,” Fye said.

Other members said there has also been a large problem with people using the site, leaving their trash. Also, those utilizing the group camping area have been disturbed by the noise swimmers make.

Secretary Susan Williams said several evenings she has had to ask teenagers to leave the spot.

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Chairman Willie Null said those swimming there generally wait until dusk or dark to go there.

“Sometimes the swimmers also hang a rope that they can swing from and jump into the water. The maintenance personnel keeps cutting the ropes down and the kids keep putting them back.”

He said the area has never been designated for swimming, but because of the water’s depth boats can pass through the area easily.

“When those boats create whitecaps on the water, you can’t see the heads of the people who are swimming. It’s really dangerous for the swimmers,” Null said.

He said the use of the site is also creating issues with those who are using the group tent camping site.

“We want our paid guests to be comfortable,” Null said.