Rudy Rydbom

Rudy Rydbom, owner of Rydbom’s Service Station in Coalport, fills up a customer’s vehicle on Thursday afternoon. Rydbom is offering rock-bottom gasoline prices of $1.69/g during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COALPORT — A Coalport business is providing some relief to residents impacted by COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Rydbom’s Service Station, 870 Main St., Coalport, has been offering reduced gas prices for several weeks. Owner Terry “Rudy” Rydbom said it was something he could do for his customers and local residents, some of whom are currently without jobs due to national and state mandates to slow the spread of the disease.

“I wanted to help people who are in need,” Rydbom said.

Currently, gas prices are at $1.69 per gallon and Rydbom said the price may dip lower.

“As long as the market stands and I am able to lower my prices, I will.”

Prices began at $2.19 per gallon and then dropped to $1.89 before settling at the current price.

A post on the station’s Facebook page states, “As much as we can, we would like to help make sure everyone is filled up. Especially during these tough times.”

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He said he enjoys seeing customer’s faces brighten in response to the price.

“It’s nice to see people smile,” he said, adding, “Everyone is so scared by (Coronavirus). All I can do is pray and help keep their spirits up.”

Rydbom said he has implemented measures to help protect his customers. He said the service station is full service, so all customers have to do is pull in and park.

“They can just sit in their cars and feel safe,” he explained.

Rydbom said he also has patrons drop their credit cards in a plastic bag and he runs them through the machine while it remains in the bag. He then drops it out of the bag and back into the customers’ hands.

“No one touches the card except (the customer),” Rydbom noted.

Rydbom said the station has been in business since 1972.