Ron Matchock


CURWENSVILLE — Curwensville Area School District Superintendent Ron Matchock responded to a audit report recently released by the state auditor general.

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale noted his department examines the records of school districts, charter schools, vocational-technical schools and intermediate units throughout the commonwealth. Curwensville’s review covered July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2017.

DePasquale said while Curwensville Area School District implemented policies and procedures for internal controls, budgetary practices, right-to-know and Sunshine laws and complied, in all significant respects, with relevant requirements, except for the following: the district failed to conduct all required monthly fire drills and inaccurately reported fire drill data to the state Department of Education.

“The district did complete nine fire drills during each school year,” Matchock said in an interview Friday. “The audit finding result addresses counting and reporting fire drills that were not preplanned and were accidental pulls of the alarm. The district also counted and reported fire drills that occurred when the entire student body was not present outside of a standard school day.”

He said the district has prepared a corrective action plan to address the findings.

“The corrections are pretty straight forward in that going forward, any accidental alarm pulls will not be counted in the reported drills,” Matchock said.