WEST DECATUR — The chairman of the Wallaceton-Boggs Municipal Authority asked the Boggs Township Supervisors to pay WBMA board members to attend meetings.

Ben Burns said the WBMA board consists of five members — three from Boggs Township and two from Wallaceton Borough — but the board currently only has three members in Burns, Ryan Emigh and John Deacon.

“For quite sometime, I’ve been advocating that the members of the board receive a compensation for their time served on the board,” Burns said. “I think very much like the supervisors — supervisors get additional pay for this specific meeting — I think authority members should receive not necessarily the same compensation, but some compensation.”

Burns said he hopes that would allow qualified residents of both Boggs and Wallaceton to be interested in the two vacant spots.

“I asked several months ago that it be placed on the agenda,” Burns said. “The authority solicitor prepared a draft resolution that was sent to the township and it’s my understanding that to this point, that generally has not been discussed at a meeting level. So I wanted to come yet again to another meeting and present my concern and request that the supervisors give consideration to passing a resolution that would allow the authority to compensate board members.”

Burns said that compensation would only occur whenever the board member is actually present at the meeting. Funds to pay board members would also come from WBMA and he stated they would not have to raise rates to do this.

When asked what the qualifications are to be a WBMA member, Burns said the only prerequisites are you either have to live or own property in your respective municipality. Burns also said he hopes that in appointing people, it is a collaborative effort among both municipalities in order to get people that are “truly interested in serving on the authority and also have some interest in advancing the authority and its objective of providing public sewer service.”

Burns was also asked what amount of compensation he was requesting, to which he said that would be up to the supervisors.

WBMA meetings are the third Monday of the month and current board members are strictly volunteers.

Chairman Russell “Butch” Jackson said the board would consider Burns’ request.

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“I’m just asking that movement be made on this because it’s probably been eight months since I started this advocacy,” Burns said.

Jackson said once Supervisor Darryl Lashinsky, who was absent from last night’s meeting, returns, they will discuss the matter further.

Resident Rick Shimmel said the supervisors can’t just discuss the matter “in the back room” and said finances should be discussed at a public meeting, suggesting they talk about the subject next month.

“We’ll consider it then,” Jackson said about next month.