KARTHAUS — Last year, members of the Oak Hill Memorial Cemetery Association asked the general public to help them with a certain task — installing a new roof on the Oak Hill Memorial Cemetery Chapel.

Thanks to generous donors, that task became a reality over the summer.

Committee member Claire McGonigal-Potter said once the story was published in December in The Progress and the Tri-County Sunday, they started receiving donations of all monetary values — including from many who grew up around the Karthaus area, but no longer live there.

In its annual early morning service on Easter Sunday at the chapel, the Community Alliance Church of Karthaus took up a collection and donated more than $900.

When all was said and done, McGonigal-Potter said they received more than $7,500 toward the new roof on the chapel that had not received a replacement since 1984.

“We, the committee, appreciate how the people have stood by us and donated toward the chapel roof,” McGonigal-Potter said. “We’ve been so blessed with everything that’s happened and with how the people responded and donated.”

The church itself was originally built in 1870 and was a Lutheran church until 1962. It then merged with two other parishes to form Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Karthaus. Then in 1976, the building and its grounds were donated by Shepherd of the Hills to the Oak Hill Memorial Cemetery Association — and they’ve maintained it ever since.

With all of the donations, a contractor was chosen and work was done to install a new metal roof in July. The project was planned to have been completed earlier, but weather had not cooperated earlier in the year, putting the contractor behind.

McGonigal-Potter said the majority of the work was completed in three days, with the contractor returning to fix up a couple items. But on July 24, work was completed on the new roof.

“The roof was also extended out more so water wouldn’t run back into the sides of the building,” McGonigal-Potter said. “It’s guaranteed for many years to come.”

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The chapel is open to anyone who wants to use it for a wedding, funeral or other service, as the committee only asks for a donation to do so. You may also visit the chapel anytime from the spring to the fall, with it being closed from November to March.

Those wanting to utilize the chapel are asked to contact any of the committee members, which include McGonigal-Potter, Joseph Luzier, Dale King, Mary Lee Moore, Lonnie Kovalick, Beverly Hertlein, Tom Luzier, Ben Hoffman, and Dave and Cindy Francisco.

McGonigal-Potter reiterated on how thankful the committee is with the donations it received and they are taking bookings for the rest of the year and for 2020.

“We appreciate the people so much,” McGonigal-Potter said. “It was amazing the turnout we got from everybody.”