Lawrence Township Planning Commission reviewed two subdivisions at its meeting Monday.

Leslie Wriglesworth is applying for a lot addition with a residual lot. The total tract of land involved is 157 acres. Lot one is 47.229 acres and is owned by Thomas Irwin and it is to be conveyed to Wriglesworth. The residual lot contains a house located at the end of Sam Graham Road.

The planning commission recommended the lot addition be approved by the supervisors contingent that the location and type of on-lot septic system on the residual lot be shown on the map.

The second applicant was Harry Salvatore. He is conveying a 0.80 acre lot to Dave Gallaher because it was discovered Gallaher’s garage is on Salvatore’s property. The property is at 290 Sals Ln.

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The planning commission recommended approval contingent upon the type and location of the on-lot septic system be shown on the map.

The planning commission also held its reorganizational meeting. Dan Shepler was reelected chairman, Dave Nelson was elected vice-chairman and Karen Potts was elected secretary.

Shepler, Nelson and Potts were in attendance. Loretta Wagner and Rebekah Graham were absent.