MADERA — Last night’s monthly meeting of the Bigler Township Supervisors was the final meeting for one of its supervisors — Keith Furrevig.

At the January meeting, Barry Reams will join R. Philbert Myers and Randy Mick as township supervisors. Reams earned his seat after defeating Dwayne DeLattre in November’s election.

“There’s nothing that I’ve accomplished in the last year and a half — which is a lot — that I couldn’t have done any of it without you,” Myers said. “You’ve been a good (supervisor).”

Furrevig thanked everyone who supports the township.

“I want to thank Philbert (Myers) and (Secretary) Jeannette (Holden) here,” Furrevig said. “They’re an excellent team. Hopefully we keep going forward. Mr. Reams is our new guy.”

Furrevig said he’s certain that Reams will help continue to move the township in a positive direction and also encouraged residents in the township to get involved.

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“Hopefully everybody comes to the meetings and tells everybody else (to attend) because (attendance) is getting smaller again,” Furrevig said.

Furrevig joked that while it isn’t a bad thing having a smaller crowd — as was the case during Monday night’s brief meeting which was held in the side office — he’d like to see a larger attendance on a regular basis.

“When you go stagnant, then we know what happens,” Furrevig said. “Thanks, guys.”