The Clearfield County Fair Board and Clearfield Borough have decided to prohibit throwing candy to parade spectators from vehicles in this year’s Clearfield County Fair Parade.

Parade participants will still be able to throw candy, but they will have to be walking and not on top or inside vehicles, floats, etc.

The decision was made because of several close calls over the years with spectators — mostly young children — scrambling for candy and almost being struck by vehicles, according to Clearfield County Fair Manager Greg Hallstrom.

“The life of one person is not worth allowing this to happen,” Hallstrom said.

Anyone caught throwing candy from a vehicle will be asked to leave the parade, Hallstrom said.

Impact Ink of Woodland said it would not be participating in this year’s parade because of the fair board’s decision.

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“This year we will not be participating in the Clearfield County Fair parade due to the fair board’s decision to not allow candy, t-shirts, etc. to be thrown to the crowd,” the post said.Hallstrom declined to comment on the post.

Last year, there were 141 units in the parade. Thousands of spectators line the streets of Clearfield every year to witness the popular parade. This year the parade will be held on Monday, July 29, starting at 6 p.m.

The 159th Clearfield County Fair will be held July 28 to Aug. 3 at the Clearfield Driving Park.