Two Clearfield restaurants to open dining rooms

Pictured is Priscilla Brown, owner of Billy’s Burgerland in Clearfield. The restaurant plans to reopen its dining room Saturday. Spanky’s Courthouse Cafe is also planning to reopen its dining room the same day. Both open at 6 a.m.

Billy’s Burgerland and Spanky’s Courthouse Cafe in Clearfield are both planning to defy Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 order and reopen inside dining at their restaurants starting Saturday morning.

Both Spanky’s and Billy’s Burgerland currently have take out service and some outdoor seating — but Saturday they both will be opening their dining rooms for breakfast.

Both will be open at 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Both said they are doing so out of financial necessity.

“I have to,” Priscilla Brown, owner of Billy’s Burgerland, said. “I’m trying to save myself.”

“We aren’t going to make it too much longer if we don’t,” Heather Inguagiato, owner of Spanky’s said.

Both owners said they aren’t making enough money from takeouts to stay open.

Both restaurants said they will maintain social distancing inside the dining rooms.

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Brown said at Billy’s Burgerland, they are limiting inside seating to 20 and are keeping the tables apart.

Inguagiato also said they will be keeping the tables spaced apart, but doesn’t know yet how many seats they will have inside.

Both owners said all staff will be wearing masks and they will be sanitizing the restaurant repeatedly.

Inguagiato and Brown said they are worried they will receive repercussions for reopening their dining rooms early. But Brown said she will lose the business if she doesn’t reopen.

“One way or another, I am losing,” Brown said. “I have a mortgage and suppliers I have to pay,” Brown said.

Inguagiato said it isn’t just about the money.

“This is about making a stand,” Inguagiato said. “I feel like it is our civil right to do it.”