KYLERTOWN — Typically, Cooper Township sets a designated date and time for its Trick-or-Treat night so that those taking part can go from house to house during the designated date and hours, and homes can leave porch lights on if they are distributing candy.

But with the current COVID-19 situation, Cooper Township Supervisors decided at Monday night’s meeting they will not set an official date and time for the activity this year.

Chairman Wayne Josephson said prior to the official decision, that whatever the supervisors did would disappoint people either way.

“I have had calls saying ‘by no means should you have it’ and I’ve had calls saying ‘let the kids be kids and do it,’” Josephson said.

Supervisor Randy Killion said he would take the stance of “leave it alone” and not create an official date or time.

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“If people want to do something, let them do it,” Killion said. “I personally wouldn’t want to sanction a date and time and if somebody standing down here saying ‘my kid got coronavirus because you set Trick-or-Treat night and we thought it was safe.’”

Fellow Supervisor Charlie Saggese agreed with Killion, as did Josephson.

“Let the people do what they think is best for themselves and their families,” Killion said.

Josephson said if you do choose to participate in giving out candy, leave your outside/porch lights on as you normally would.

All three supervisors then officially approved not sanctioning a specific date or time for this year.