Clearfield County Conservation District approved its Dirt and Gravel and Low Volume Road grant allocations at its meeting yesterday.

The following municipalities were awarded Dirt and Gravel Road project grants as follows:

  • Bradford Township, Millstone Road $23,919
  • Brady Township, Bonsall Road $16,796
  • Goshen Township, Jerry Run Road $54,744
  • Gulich Township, Whippers Road $62,534
  • Lawrence Township, Log Cabin Road $57,482
  • Penn Township, Doc Coleman $372, Flynn Bros Road $372, Keiser Road $372, McKenrick Road $745, Nelen Road $372, Ridge Road $745, Splash Dam Road $372, Stronach Road $462, Wall Farm Road $372; Pike 104th Cavalry Road $130,099
  • Sandy Township, Old Bliss Road $12,475
  • Union Township, Sunset Lake Road $19,745
  • Westover, St. Mary Street, $20,000
  • Woodward Township, Moshannon Lane. $11,913.

The total amount of Dirt and Gravel Road funds awarded was $413,897.

The townships awarded Low Volume Road allocations are as follows:

  • Bigler Township, Lynn/Second $25,421
  • Bloom Township, Bilgers Rocks Road, $12,837
  • Burnside, Butterbaugh Road, $16,500
  • Cooper, Firehouse Road, $29,677.

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The total amount of Low Volume Road fund awarded was $84,435.

Combined, they total $498,332.

“We are really really happy to have almost $500,000 coming into the county,” board member Mike Gill said.

The two grant programs are meant to not only fix roads but also improve the water quality in local streams by limiting erosion.

“It’s not just fixing potholes in the road, think of it as environmentally protecting our streams and let them do what God created them to do,” Gill said.