Clearfield Area School District Superintendent Terry Struble issued a letter to students and families on the new school schedule.

Dear Clearfield Families,

With so many changes happening as we move forward, I am going to keep the majority of the content of my last letter and show updates accordingly and then conclude with our plans for our Continuity of Education.

A. Communications – The school phones and e-mails are still being monitored remotely. You will get a response.

a. Elementary School:

Mr. Veihdeffer, Mrs. Gaston

b. Jr/Sr High School:

Mrs. Prestash, Mr. Brickley, Mr. Scaife

c. District Administration

Phone Number: 765-5511 ext. 1000

Phone Number is 765-5511 ext 6000

B. We have been posting information on the District’s website at or on the District’s Facebook page “Clearfield Area School District” or the elementary page “Clearfield Area Elementary School”.

C. Meal Delivery – Last Tuesday we started a lunch delivery program serving ten different locations within the school district. We received permission last week to also provide a breakfast. Any child in the district is able to receive these from birth through school age. The child does need to be present to receive the meal. Please see the website for additional information.

D. Activities - Any activity that would have occurred during this time has been postponed. Once we return to school we will then rebuild our activity schedule accordingly.

a. UPDATED (3/27): The PTO fundraiser at this time is still scheduled for pickup on Tuesday, March 31 . At this point the part available for pickup will be the Gardner’s candies and the Altoona Curve fundraiser items only. Marianna’s has temporarily postponed the pizzas and hoagies until they can safely return their employees to work.

i. Weather permitting this distribution will occur in the parking lot at CAE in the bus pick up and drop off location. PTO volunteers will have the items sorted and ready for pick up between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm. Please do not arrive early for everyone’s safety. When you pull in you will be asked the child’s name you are picking up for, and you will be asked to stay in your car. The PTO volunteer will bring the order to your car, set it outside the car, and then you may pick it up.

ii. If the weather is not permitting this format, then you will park, come to the door and identify whose order you need and it will then be brought to the door for you. We would ask that you practice appropriate social distancing at this point and if someone is at the door that you please remain an appropriate distance apart until it is your turn.

iii. The PTO officers have worked very hard to organize this in a way that minimizes unnecessary interactions, but still allows the delivery of the product that some people will have a timely need for. They will also be providing a PTO e-mail so that if there is a problem with your order once you get home, you will be able to contact them.

b. UPDATED (3/27): If we do get back to school in the next week or two the spring musical will be delayed to allow the cast and crew to have adequate practice time before performing. The musical “Aida” has been moved to May 7-9th

c. Our athletics fall under the direction of the PIAA and at this time there has been no discussion on the spring season. They are still holding out hope for some form of a season.

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E. UPDATED (3/27): School Calendar – The information last week from the Pennsylvania Department of Education is that schools will not need to adjust their calendars to make up these days. This should allow us to complete the school year as scheduled.

a. The extended school closure announced on Monday, March 23rd closed the schools through April 6. The direction of the state is to use April 7th and 8th for teachers, support staff, cafeterias, and cleaning staff to prepare for the return to school. This then brings us to our Easter Holiday. Our plan is to allow Thursday the 9th as an additional day of cleaning and preparation, off for Good Friday, and then return to school on Monday, April 13th. We would then be in school from Monday, April 13th to our last scheduled day of Wednesday, June 3.

b. The plans outlined in part (a.) are only in place if school can return on April 13th.

F. State assessments such as the PSSA’s and the Keystones have been waived for this school year.

G. AP Exams – The AP exams will still occur this year, but they are working on modifying the tests for content and online delivery. If you as a student were planning on taking the AP exam, your teacher, Dr. Spaid, or the College Board will be reaching out with more information.

H. Dual Enrollment – Our partner instutions that provide the credit for these programs have been evaluating their requirements and providing us with feedback. Each program through the respective college or university is different, and as such we wait for their lead on this.

I. Special Education – For those students with IEP’s some may have annual IEP reviews, or reevaluations scheduled to occur during this time. We are freezing those timelines at this point and as soon as we get back to delivering instruction we will work to reschedule each of those meetings as quickly as we can.

J. NEW (3/27) Continuity of Education – The State has outlined three possible paths for schools to follow at this time. Do nothing, or provide a continuity of education either as formal instructional days, or as enrichment and activity based days. At this point we are moving forward with an activity and enrichment format for this period of time between now and April 13 . Work is meant to be review, or related to strengthening content already taught. It will not at this point be graded, but will be the base for starting classes when we resume.

For our students at New Story and Soaring Heights they will also be providing a path for continuity of education and will be reaching out to those families as well.

a. Elementary Level: At the elementary level each student is going to be provided with a packet of work designed by their grade level teachers with input from various specialized support staff as well. Packets will be prepared for each student. The intent of the packet is to review and strengthen the skills students were working on when school was canceled. Packets will be distributed in the following ways:

i. Packets may be picked up during the PTO fundraiser pickup. There will be a separate spot for pickup and you may pick up at that time.

ii. Packets that are not picked up on Tuesday will be sorted and delivered in the following fashion.

1. If you ride a school bus, we will be delivering by school bus Wednesday morning. We would ask that someone be at your child’s normal AM bus stop at the time they would normally be picked up for school. (Special thanks to the Fullington family and their drivers for making this possible.)

2. If you ride a van, your packet will be delivered to your home sometime on Wednesday by a school staff person.

b. Secondary Students will have work posted online for their classes through their Sapphire Class Pages. Teachers may also continue to use other resources as well to communicate the work to the students that they may have already been using at this point in the school year. Class postings are to be spread out over the week, but students in AP courses, or dual enrolled courses could expect work more frequently in order to meet the obligations of those courses. Students should start checking their Sapphire Community Portal on a regular basis starting Monday.

i. For those students who may not have a device at home we are going to provide a limited opportunity to borrow from the school. The parent will need to call our Technology department at 814- 765-5511 ext 7000. Please leave a detailed message that would include the student’s name, grade level, and a phone number that you can be reached at.

ii. For those families that do not have internet access we are working to establish “hotspots” in some of our parking areas at both schools, and have reached out to some partners in the community to possibly provide additional “hotspots”. We now at this point internet service is available at the front of the high school in the oval. Some signal strength is present in front of the elementary school as well. The Shaw library’s signal can be reached from outside the library and the Bigler YMCA is also working on trying to extend their signal outside of the YMCA.

If internet service is not an option in any format for your student, please contact the secondary principals.

iii. If the student needs a password reset on their Sapphire account, or assistance logging in please e-mail one of the secondary principals.

K. NEW (3/27) Seniors and Grade Level Advancement: We have had a number of students and parents starting to ask about graduation and what happens next year if we are closed through the remainder of the year. The process has started to review our local and state graduation requirements, and to identify individual students who may have concerns due to credit issues from previous years. Our senior counselor has been working to review each student’s transcript and work though the concerns that may be present for some. The ceremony associated with graduation, Commencement, we are still planning to celebrate on June 3rd, if we are permitted to be together at that time.

As for grade advancement, a student going from third grade to fourth grade as an example, that will continue and students will advance to the next grade level. There may be some individual considerations based on student needs, as occurs each year, but the answer as a whole is yes, students will move forward a grade level.