With deadlines fast approaching the Clearfield Borough Council is looking at alternative projects for its Community Development Block Grant funds.

At the Clearfield Borough Council’s second CDBG public meeting Thursday night, Community Development Specialist Lisa Kovalick said the borough has allocated $172,011 in 2017 and 2018 CDBG funds toward the Stinky Run Storm Water project. The state Department of Environmental Protection announced it was funding $3.5 million in improvements to Stinky Run to reduce flooding in the East End neighborhood of Clearfield and the borough allocated CDBG funds to pay for the relocation of utilities and other expenses not being paid for by the state.

The county planning department administers the borough’s CDBG program.

However, the state continues to delay the start of the Stinky Run project and Kovalick said the borough has to use the $172,000 by the end of 2021 or that money would be lost. Since the state has not yet started the Stinky Run project, it is unlikely it would be completed by the end of 2021 and said the borough should look at alternative projects to spend the money on or risk losing it.

Borough operations manager Leslie Stott said the borough is considering storm water upgrades along Tyler Avenue, the demolition of two blighted buildings, new playground equipment and a new BMX bike park at the Driving Park.

Kovalick said there could be an issue with using CDBG funds at the Driving Park because the state could consider the Driving Park a borough wide park and the borough does not yet meet the CDBG income guidelines borough-wide.

CDBG requires projects benefit residents with low to moderate incomes. The county planning department has been issuing surveys to residents to see if the entire borough would qualify but currently it doesn’t look promising. Therefore the borough would have to use the funds in certain areas that do meet the income guidelines.

Kovalick said they could try and if the state rejects the Driving Park projects, the funds could be used for something else.

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Stott noted that the borough could allocate future CDBG funds for the Stinky Run Project if need be.

In 2019, Kovalick reported the borough will be receiving $112,565 in CDBG funds, $20,000 will be used for program administration, thus leaving $92,000 for projects.

In other business, during the borough council committee meetings, Stott reported the Clearfield YMCA has submitted an application to have a 5K race on Dec. 7 — the same day as the parade and tree lighting. Stott expressed concern that the borough would not be able to keep the streets and sidewalks adequately clear for the race if there is snow or ice on the ground. She also said this is during hunting season and the fire police might not have the manpower to cover the race.