The Joint Operating Committee of the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center at their meeting on Monday discussed the installation of new natural gas heating units at its building.

Executive Director Fred Redden said currently, their heating units are electric and they are considering switching to natural gas to save money on heating bills.

He said the company Trane has been at the school and has presented the CCCTC with a proposal, but Redden said he would like a little more time to get proposals from other contractors as well.

“I want to look at other options to make sure we are covering all our bases,” Redden said.

Redden said CCCTC uses natural gas in the building now. The culinary department uses natural gas for cooking, and it is used for heating in collision repair and HVAC departments. But if they want to use it for the entire building, it would need a significant upgrade in infrastructure.

Jeffrey Shaffer of the Curwensville Area School District said one of the advantages of using Trane is the company manufactures the equipment, thereby removing one of the middle men in the process.

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Shaffer said the company has a good track record.

Superintendent of Record John Zesiger said due to the cost of the project, the JOC should look at other proposals first before committing to the project.

Redden said they are considering including other items with the project, such as replacing the doors in the building.

Redden said he would like to put together a team to study the question and asked JOC members if they would be willing to look into it.

Zesiger said with interest rates being so low, it might be better to get a loan to finance the project than paying outright. The state has a program where schools can pay for energy upgrades without using the energy savings.