Clearfield County Career and Technology Center’s Joint Operating Committee approved spending $69,511 for new computer servers and associated licenses at its meeting Monday night.

The new servers will replace the school’s antiquated servers and will significantly upgrade their capability, according to Information Technology Director Brian Hynds.

“The new servers will really make a difference on how way we do IT (information technology) at the school,” Hynds said.

He said the new servers will have five or six times the performance of the old servers and will allow the school to perform more tasks and offer more services, Hynds said.

CCCTC coordinated the purchase with West Branch School District, which is also upgrading its servers in an effort to obtain a better price. And West Branch will act as CCCTC’s offsite backup servers. CCCTC’s critical data will also be saved on West Branch’s servers in case of a disaster.

“So if something would happen at this building, we could easily migrate that information back over to the school,” Hynds said.

The old servers are obsolete and no longer usable, but some of the network switches were given to the the Moshannon Valley School District. Those switches are still relatively new, about three years old, and are still usable, Hynds said.

The new servers should be up and running by the end of the month, Hynds said.