WEST DECATUR — A resident questioned Boggs Township Supervisors on Monday about Wallaceton-Boggs Municipal Authority’s board members receiving pay.

Resident Rick Shimmel asked for further details about supervisors approving WBMA members being paid.

In July, WBMA board member Ben Burns asked the supervisors to consider paying its board members for meetings they attended. Burns said the board would hope to entice people in both the township and Wallaceton Borough to sit on the board — as only three of the five seats were currently occupied.

In August, supervisors unanimously approved giving WBMA board members a $50 payment per meeting.

“Do you mean $50 per meeting or $50 per scheduled meeting that is once a month?” Shimmel asked. “Because the township used to pay out meeting pay any time they would have a meeting.”

“We’ll have to get that clarified because I thought it was just the monthly meetings,” Chairman Russell “Butch” Jackson said.

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“That’s what I (thought) too — but not everybody looks at it that way,” Shimmel responded.

Supervisors Darryl Lashinsky and Greg Minarchick then said it was their understanding that it was for the regular meetings — held once a month — and not for special meetings needed.

“When something happens, your understanding needs to be more than, ‘Well, this is what I thought,’ you know?” Shimmel said.

Jackson said supervisors would officially clarify the action with the authority.