Clearfield Borough Council heard a proposal to construct a BMX bike park next to the Skate Park at the Clearfield Driving Park.

At last night’s committee meetings, Peter Smith of the Skate Park Committee told council he would like to have a BMX bike park built next to the skate park.

“It would be a nice complement to the skate park,” Smith said.

BMX bikes are smaller, and lighter bicycles used for performing tricks, Smith said.

He said the BMX park would be built to the specifications and be certified by the International Union of Cyclists, which is the same organization that sponsors the Tour de France and the bicycling events at the Olympics. This would allow the track to be used for competitive bicycling events that would draw in people from other areas to Clearfield.

He said the BMX bike park would be a dirt track that would need a rectangular piece of land about 120 meters by 200 meters, and it would cost about $5,000 to $7,000 to construct. And if it is constructed correctly, maintenance costs would be minimal.

Smith said it would only be for non-motorized bikes so there wouldn’t be any noise or pollution associated with motorcycles.

He said the BMX bike park would also give area youth and adults a safe place to ride their BMX bikes and do tricks and prevent doing them on the Riverwalk or on people’s steps downtown.

“It would provide a nice, wholesome outlet for some of their energies,” Smith said.

Smith said these youth are an underserved segment of the population.

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Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said when she asks local youth what they would like to see in Clearfield, a BMX park often comes up.

The downside is the bike park would take away some of the Clearfield County Fair’s parking. Smith said he has not yet gone to the fair board with his proposal, but said he has a good relationship with the fair board and would not step on any of its prerogatives.

Smith also said its about time for them to do some upgrades to the skate park. Looking back on their costs, he said it costs about $3,000-$4,000 on the skate park every three or four years to keep the park in good order. The last time they did anything to the park was in 2016.

Councilwoman Fran Selvage said she likes the skate park and she often takes her grandchildren there.

“I’m glad we have something like this in our community,” Selvage said.